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About Fusion:


Fusion 360 is a facility that integrates the mind and body together to achieve 360 degrees of fitness.  We believe the mind empowers the body to achieve the desired goals. We prepare our clients to reach their workout and/or nutritional targets they have set for themselves! Fusion 360 is about having fun during a workout.  We want to bring the child-like spirit back to each of our clients, to be examples to our children and grandchildren that growing up doesn’t mean becoming fragile and boring. 


Fusion 360 is for everyone.  Our client base includes a wide range of ages from teenagers to senior citizens. We cater from the beginning athlete to the experienced athlete.  Fusion 360 will design your individual fitness and/or nutritional programs that work personally for you.  We also have programs designed to aid in rehabilitation of an old or recent physical or medical problem. 


Fusion 360 is aware that time limitations may have prevented you from participating in a fitness program in the past. We have that covered! Anyone who is short on time, and wants to work out during their lunch, or in between the kid’s schedule, can get an amazing workout in just 30-45 minutes. Fusion 360 has classes from early morning to evening.  Our focus is to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time so that our clients can continue with their regular schedules. 


Fusion 360 will keep each workout fresh and exciting while they improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle conditioning. We have one of the best personal trainers in the area and use a natural approach to increasing muscle mass and losing weight.  By offering both group classes that fit everyone’s schedule and one-on-one personal training customized to each individual’s body type, we are confident that we will be setting a new standard in health care. Fusion 360 is ready to make positive changes in your life style. We want yoto succeed.




We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

 -Franklin D. Roosevelt