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Personal Training
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Group Training

With a strong focus on the individual, this program is custom tailored for the unique goals and experience level of each client.

Training up to four people in one group, this program gives you a balance between personal attention and high energy group camaraderie. 

From boxing to TRX training to many more, each one of our classes comes with high intensity. These are not your regular workouts, this is where weakness is expelled.

Personal Training



Using gravity and body weight to perform exercises, TRX suspension training is yielding results for people of all levels! It is a total body workout that increases muscle endurance and develops a strong core! 


45 minutes of cycling for all fitness levels.

With a mix of hills, speed drills, jumps, and interval training you are guaranteed to sweat!



60 minutes of high-intensity interval training! Each workout consists of a mix of cardio and strength training combined for maximum calorie burn and high energy fun!


Group Fitness Classes

Group Training

Round Up Your Squad!​

Call up your core 4 group of friends and come test your willpower with a personalized fitness class! We'll put together almost any workout that you can imagine! Or, if you're up for the challenge, try a class of our own!


Fusion 360 is Family

We all come from different paths of life, and with that, we all have unique challenges to overcome. The bond that we have as a family is not of blood but is rooted in the love and unconditional support that we have for each other during life's journey.



Monika Paris

This coming May, Monika and her team will travel to Nepal to take on the 2018 Everest Half-Marathon, the world's highest half-marathon race event. At age 54 and as a mother of 3, she has committed herself to pushing the boundaries of life itself. She strives to inspire others to do the same! Her race in Nepal was a great success last year, and she invites you to come along with her this year! Her company, Kaimont Trekking, specializes in full-service treks through the Himalayas and up to Everest Base Camp. If you decide to go with her, know that you will be in great hands!

 She has made it her life goal to inspire others through her journey, and she would love for you to reach out and connect with her on social media. If you are interested in a trek, send her an email directly at mparis@kaimont.com. Safe travels and good luck, Monika, from your family here at Fusion 360!







Isabella Rongione
Isabella Rongione

4th place as a swimmer on the USA National Team competing at the French Open Water Nationals.

Isabella Rongione
Isabella Rongione

6th place at the US Open Water Nationals at Castaic Lake

Isabella Rongione
Isabella Rongione

4th place as a swimmer on the USA National Team competing at the French Open Water Nationals.


Isabella Rongione

In mid-May of last year, Isabella competed at the US Open Water Nationals at Castaic Lake in California. She swam in the 10k and the 5k while she was there. International swimmers of many different calibers competed! Overall, she placed 13th. In the American group, she placed 6th, qualifying her for the USA National Team! A week after she competed in California, swimmers representing the US traveled to France to compete in the French Open Water Nationals. At that competition, while competing against Olympians from many other countries, she swam the 10k and placed 4th overall! We are so proud to have Isabella as a family member here at Fusion 360! We wish you the best of luck in all of your upcoming competitions! 


This is Sarah the trainer, her husband Eric in the orange bandana, and Fusion 360 member, James, with the green bandana. They recently completed the tough mudder, a 10-12 mile course with 25 obstacles. The tough mudder has a name that says it all. Demanding tenacity in every respect, it's a mud run, but it's most definitely not your ordinary kind. It's a physical and mental challenge that you will hold proudly for the rest of your life!



"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

                                                  - Mark Twain


The mind and body work together simultaneously to carry you through life. They are undeniably intertwined. A continually stressed mind can yield an unhealthy body and in turn, deepen the tensions of the mind. A mind that visualizes great achievement can be powerful, but without the support of a healthy body, it can be powerless. Fusion 360 was founded on the principle that the mind and body need to be uplifted together. Our mission does not end in the gym but rather continues beyond as a mindset and as a lifestyle. Fusion 360 is fitness, performance, and health, and a wholesome way of life.