Be kind.

Be empowering.

Be on time. 

Be courteous.


Class Policies:

  • You must cancel your class 2 hrs before it takes place.

  • $25.00 dollar late charge will be applied to the account with a no show and under 2 hour cancellation.

  • Waitlists will be notified and are held accountable to the 2 hr cancellation.

Sign Ups and Drop-Ins:


  • You are able to sign up online ONLY one day ahead of class up to two hours before class.

  • There are no "Walk-In classes" ( NO EXCEPTIONS). All classes are designed specifically for the needs of the people on the list and designed according to a specific headcount.



Late Arrival To Class:


  • First timers should arrive 15 minutes prior to class.

  • First timers may not enter class after the class has started.

  • Returning clients may enter up to 10 minutes after class has started.

  • Clients who have scheduled a 30-minute session must arrive early or on time. If the client is more than 15 minutes late for their 30-minute time slot, we will have to reschedule the session. 

  • If you are running late, and someone is waiting to get into class and we assess that he's a good addition then your spot may be given away.




Fusion360 is conveniently located in the Reston Area, on South Lakes Drive and Sunrise Valley.


Directions to the studio are as follows:


 14 miles from I- 495

3.8 miles from 123 Dulles Toll Rd

1.0 mile from Reston Metro Station.